oh vibrant sweet heart

Hello! By luck or entirely on purpose, you've found yourself at North Star, the approved fanlisting and small yet growing fansite for the shining hopeful star of CLAMP's magnum opus Tokyo BABYLON -- the forever young Sumeragi Hokuto.

Hokuto is often overlooked by Tokyo BABYLON and its follow-on X's combined fandom in favour of her twin brother, Subaru, his mysterious love interest Sakurazuka Seishirou, and their heartwrenchingly twisted love story. Despite this, Hokuto is the secret inner heart of TyoBabi and the catalyst for the continuation of her brother's story -- without her, there is no story to be told. If you are a fan of Miss Sumeragi, please add your name to the list; or get to know her and then do the same. ♥ Hokuto is a love vibration, a million colours, glittering light, sunshine laughter, flamboyant intensity, and the very embodiment of hope itself. She deserves to be loved.

You are currently viewing version 3.0 of North Star in its new incarnation as a combination shrine/fanlisting, after many years offline. Deepest thanks remain given to the person who originally gifted the beginning of this site to me many moons ago; they know who they are. ♥